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Packing for the houseboat


Your houseboat is furnished with:

Small stove/oven, refrigerator, coffee pot, toaster, a gas grill, pots & pans, dishes/glasses, silverware, knives, garbage bags, dish soap, hand soap, toilet paper.


Packing for your houseboat trip

ð      Bedding/pillow/sleeping bags

ð      Towels – bath /swimming/kitchen

ð      Personal care products – shampoo, deodorant etc.

ð      Clothing for warm & cool weather

ð      Bug spray & sunscreen

ð      Paper products – paper towels, plates, cups…

ð      Food / snacks /beverages /coffee

ð      Spices and seasonings / cooking oil or spray

ð      Ice / cooler

ð      Baggies /plastic wrap & foil (for cooking and leftovers)

ð      Camera / flashlight

ð      Fishing gear / license / bait

ð      Pets coming? Food/ food & water dish/ bed/ kennel / leash ( additional fees apply)