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My Rugged Life:  Ramblings of Minnesota resort owner.

Living at and promoting our Minnesota family resort.


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My name is Sheila Niemeyer and I have decided to write about our life at the resort.


I thought about this for some time. I not only wanted to promote the resort, but I wanted to update and engage our guests. Then I realized I could also preserve some of our stories and memories created, while sharing them with you.


Resort Background:

Fun-Stal Resort was started in 1935 by Bess & Ted Stallman. Bess’s maiden name was Funfar & they combined the names to create Fun-Stal. They bought an old logging recovery camp on the Mississippi River. The cabins were no longer being used by loggers and some were used by trappers. They built a home for themselves (now Cabin #1) and converted the small mess hall to a cabin (now #2) and moved 2 cabins down a hill and set them right next to the river bank. The cabins were plain and had been used as bunk houses; no bathroom, no kitchen- no living area, just space for a few beds. They added, bedrooms and kitchens, with cold running water.

I believe it was around 1970 when the Stallman’s sold the resort to the Romers. They owned the resort for 7 years and then in 1977 Judy & Lyle Niemeyer bought the resort. Lyle used to come to the resort with his dad, and then again as he and Judy brought their kids to the resort to vacation. In 2003 the two oldest children, Kelly & Corby, purchased the resort and remodeled or rebuilt 3 of the 6 cabins and added a pool.



Corby & I, and our children continue to carry on the family tradition. It’s our family’s 42nd year. We have finished the old boat house and created a gathering area for guests, added some acreage to the resort and a houseboat. We continue to make plans to improve cabins and amenities.  We are so blessed to have this opportunity and environment to raise our kids and serve others.

Until next time,

Have fun and make memories!