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What to Pack

We are asked all of the time, “What should I bring?” We’ve put together the following lists to help with your packing. You can see a list of items included in your cabin under the “Amenities” tab.

If you have any other questions, just give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.

Personal care items

Clothes for all seasons, swim suit, sandals, walking shoes, rain gear, hat, sunglasses, hand towels, pool & bath towels, wash clothes, body soaps and shampoos, sunscreen, bug spray. ( Don’t have room to pack towels, you can rent some. We have towel packages available.)


Cooking oil, spices, condiments, paper towels, paper plates, plenty of food, snacks and drinks. (We don’t want you to be dehydrated.) Baggies, plastic wrap, foil or container for left overs.


Charcoal, lighter fluid, lighter, flash light, roasting sticks, small cooler, camera, extra lawn chairs, fishing gear, fishing license, bait, bait bucket, life jacket.

Pet items

Food and water dish, kennel, leash, tie out, favorite pet pillow.



Your houseboat is furnished with:

Small stove/oven, refrigerator, coffee pot, toaster, a gas grill, pots & pans, dishes/glasses, silverware, knives, garbage bags, dish soap, hand soap, toilet paper.


Packing for your houseboat trip

ð      Bedding/pillow/sleeping bags

ð      Towels – bath /swimming/kitchen

ð      Personal care products – shampoo, deodorant etc.

ð      Clothing for warm & cool weather

ð      Bug spray & sunscreen

ð      Paper products – paper towels, plates, cups…

ð      Food / snacks /beverages /coffee

ð      Spices and seasonings / cooking oil or spray

ð      Ice / cooler

ð      Baggies /plastic wrap & foil (for cooking and leftovers)

ð      Camera / flashlight

ð      Fishing gear / license / bait

ð      Pets coming? Food/ food & water dish/ bed/ kennel / leash ( additional fees apply)